Based in Wisconsin, Ares Firearms provides training and instruction for a wide variety of personal defense options, including handgun, edged weapon and empty hand self-defense. As a licensed FFL dealer, we also sell firearms and related accessories.

Our concealed carry training focuses on building a program that will not only meet but exceed the requirements needed to obtain the certification necessary to qualify for a Wisconsin concealed carry permit.

Our course goes beyond the basics of firearm safety and prepares the student for the responsibilities and logistics of carrying a gun in daily life. Emphasis is placed upon safety and mindset, as well as the mental, emotional and physiological effects of being involved in a violent encounter and its aftermath.

To view our class schedule or register for one of our classes with an NRA Certified Instructor, please click on the link tabs above.

Bringing the Training to You:  For groups of 4 or larger, we will travel to your location and conduct a full class. We will bring all materials and necessary equipment  to provide the highest quality training available. Call to have your training delivered!

FFL Shipping Services: We are happy to receive firearms that you order from another source and facilitate the necessary paperwork to legally transfer the firearms to you.

If you would like to host a class or need any additional information, please feel free to contact us at 414.301.ARES (2737) or