WI Concealed Carry Certification
This class not only meets, but exceeds the requirements set forth by the DOJ to become certified for concealed carry. This is generally a classroom course, but live fire may incorporated if a range is available. For groups of 4 or more, we are happy to bring the training to you. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in hosting a class.

Material covered in this class include:
     - Laws & regulations concerning concealed carry, self-defense and use of deadly force
     - Basic firearm function, safety and manipulation
     - Overview of various types of ammunition and their purpose
     - Practicalities of concealed carry including weapons, gear and clothing considerations and selection
     - Interaction with law enforcement in a variety of scenarios
     - Mindset and mental preparation needed in order to effectively carry concealed
     - Psychological and physiological effects of engaging in a violent encounter
     - Importance of training and continued skill set development

Practical Handgun 1
Students will be introduced to the practical aspects of carrying and employing a handgun. Focus will be on safety, weapon manipulation and the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Materials covered in this class include:
     - Handgun safety and overview of various types of handguns and their functions
     - Review of various types of ammunition and their purpose
     - Creating a strong foundation in the fundamentals of marksmanship, including grip, stance, trigger control, sight
        alignment, sight picture and breathing
     - Various types of load & reloading procedures and the proper times to employ each
     - Proper draw stroke
     - Malfunction clearances
     - Engaging multiple targets

Practical Handgun 2
Building upon the foundation set in level 1, this class focuses on performing from concealment and introduces a more dynamic environment.

Materials covered in this class include:
     - Review and refinement of all elements of Level 1
     - Introduce the various types of concealment and perform all skills from full concealment
     - Shooting on the move: forward, rearward and lateral movement
     - Use of cover and shooting your way to and from cover
     - Target threat discrimination and multiple target drills
     - Strong and support hand only shooting
     - Shooting from alternate positions

Intro to Handguns or Practical Handgun 1 - Ladies Only

Sorry guys, but sometimes we are not that easy to be around. These classes offer female shooters an opportunity to learn and train in a comfortable environment without the added pressure a testosterone infused environment can create. Course materials are essentially the same.

**Note: completion of any of the above live fire courses will also qualify the individual to obtain a WI concealed carry permit.

If you are interested in hosting any of the above classes, please contact us at training@aresfirearms.com or call 414.301.2737.

Outside Instructor Classes
Periodically, we will have the opportunity to bring in some of the premier trainers from around the country. Please check the Schedule page to learn about any upcoming classes we may be hosting.